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ACLU Meeting 11/13/13

  1. Thurs. 11/14: video/discussion on mental health in Hahn 104 (hosted by Mental Health Alliance and Science on Tap)
  2. Sat. 11/16: canvassing w/Dixie Morrison and OFA from 9am-3pm
  • Topic: Immigration
  1. Aidan and Carol Ann going to FIRE next Tues.  They will report back next week.
  2. Carol Ann went to talk with the Claremont Democrats and they are going to help promote the panel discussion/any speakers we bring next semester.

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ACLU Minutes 11/6/13:


1. ALL About Therapy- A Panel Discussion hosted by Mental Health Alliance is being held Tonight (11/7) from 8-9 in SCC 217

2. RSVP BY MIDNIGHT TONIGHT (11/7) for FIRE/WET event being held on Nov. 19th at 6-8:30 in Sun Valley, California (We will be leaving Claremont around 4pm).

a. Email Carol Ann ( if you want to come

b. event hosted by FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education)

c. book signing/cocktail party for Greg Lukianoff

d. great opportunity if you are looking to do any activism/have any ideas related to first amendment rights

3. Nourish- social advocacy and community development club, targeting poverty is having a Jamboree Saturday, November 9, from 7-9 pm.

a. brings together different social justice clubs on campus w/ a keynote speaker

b. FREE FOOD, including CHALLAH!

4. PO advocates- want us to contribute to their anti-racist training on November 23.

a. We moved to give them money. I am going to give them $100 unless someone else has strong objections.

5. Follow up with Dixie about Organizing for Action.

a. I am going to meet with her again and discuss how ACLU and OFA can be more involved with one another.

b. if you’d liked to get more involved with OFA as an individual, Dixie’s contact info is

6. Panel Discussion on economic inequality in the US

a. This is to be our big topic for next semester and this is to be the first item on that subject next semester

b. this is a broader discussion, and Nick Sundback at Pomona has been really helpful/enthusiastic about it, see article he’s written on same subject here:

c. tentative date is Tuesday or Wednesday Jan 28th or 29th

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ACLU Minutes 10/23/13


1.     OFA (Organizing For Action)

a.     Non-partisan issue based

            i. Advocate for polices

            ii. Pressure congress people to support OFA action

b.     Contact Person for 5Cs is Dixie Morrison Dixie.Morrison31@gmail.com978-505-8097

c.     EVENT THIS SATURDAY (10/26) 2-4pm

i.     Pro-Immigration Phone-bank


2.     Co-Sponsoring Campus Wellstone

a.     Activist Training (1.5 days)

b.     Invite from Caitlin Highland of Dems Of CC to co-sponsor

c.     We didn’t vote to support. Any strong objections should contact me.

3.     Events:

a.     Speaker @CGU @7:30pm on Oct 30th (next Wed.)

i.     Higher Education and the Courts

ii.     EG: Legal implications of Dream ACT

b.     Greg Lukianoff + FIRE (Freedom of information in Education)

i.     Nov 19th @ 6 in Sun Valley, CA

ii.     MUST RSVP by NOV. 8

iii.     Leaving at 4pm

      1. Carol Ann and Aidan are going
      2. Can take up to 3 additional people, must email Carol Ann ( by Nov. 7th in interested.

4.     Old Business

a.     Nick Sundbak PO ‘14 is working on getting speakers for a panel discussion on income inequality in the US.

ii.     Questions for us: When, Where, Any other speaker suggestions?

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ACLU Meeting 10/16/13


1.      Organizing for Action (OFA)

A. discussion on what they do, when the guest speaker from OFA should come, and how ACLU-CC can be involved

B. Approved to meet and discuss how to involve ourselves with OFA

2.     DIDA + Mental Health Alliance

A.     Both are doing surveys

 i. Mental Health Alliance is focusing on: Perceptions of mental health and Perceptions of monsieur counseling, survey can be found at

ii. DIDA is interested in gaining information about people with disabilities on the 5C for a paper. If you have a disability and would like to help, fill out the survey at

3.     Tech and Privacy panel

Aidan is working on this. Email him at if you’d like to help.

4.     Socio-Economic issues on campus (POSSIBLE PROJECT FOR NEXT SEMESTER!)

A. Possible speakers: Author of Understating Poverty or Politician who has done $4 a day

 B. Possible Panel Discussions: Poverty and law in the US, Income inequalities in Education

C.     Scripps working on Food Justice—is there a speaker or other event we’d like to help with?

5.     Meeting adjourned

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Minutes for 9/25/13

Old Business:

1) Gender Neutral housing for CMC. It’s still in the works. It was supposed to be implemented last year, but for a few reasons was not. ASCMC is continuing to work on Gender Neutral housing.

2) Privacy Online: Gathering of professors and professionals in the field to discuss how to stay private on social media and online in general

New Business:

1. Comedy and Civil rights event: Stand Up for Main street.

2. Continuing the privacy online debate.

3. Discussion of past programs, what we have done, and what we hope to do.

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ACLU-CC MINUTES 4 December 2012

Today was our final meeting for the semester. Good luck with finals and enjoy your break!

4 December 2012

Book Release of Greg Lukianoff’s Unlearning Liberty
- Took car to the book release; event was well-attended
- Discussed Pitzer speech code issues with Greg
- Planning to send Greg’s book to each of the 5C presidents, possibly bring Greg back to campus

Hot Coffee Movie Screening Debrief
- Well attended and popular

Code of the West Screening Tour
- Movie on medical marijuana and state/federal legal issues
- To be screened next semester, late January or early February

Technology Panel
- will start planning early next semester, screening to be held by end of next semester


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ACLU-CC MINUTES 13 November 2012

13 November 2012

Event Invitation: Book Release of Greg Lukianoff’s Unlearning Liberty
-Los Angeles Press Club, Thursday 29th, 7pm
-Registration required, let us know if you want to go!

Movie Screening: November 27th
- Hot Coffee screening on tort reform, use of non-disclosure agreements. See
- November 27th, 7-9pm in Bauer Center, room TBD
+Miles will reserve room
- Aidan will be creating table tent design by Friday 11/16, Miles will be getting table tents approved/printing table tents this weekend for distribution next week.

Speech Code at Pitzer
- Discussions ongoing between faculty and students at Pitzer
- ACLU members will craft statement in support for release


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ACLU-CC MINUTES 30 October 2012

30 October 2012

Speech Code at Pitzer
-Proposal on free speech-related language endorsed and approved by Pitzer Senate on Sunday 10/28
-Proposal was referred to the College Council Meeting, which is held in the Founders Room in McConnell Center on Thursday 11/1 at 4:15pm
+ The meeting is open to the general public. Jon Rice will be presenting.

Use of Social Media in ASCMC Campaigns
-Committee to review the use of social media and technology in ASCMC elections held its first meeting last week

Movie Screening
- Hot Coffee screening on tort reform, use of non-discloure agreements. See
- November 27th date for screening
- Some Crust cookies will be provided.


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Minutes from October 16th and 9th

9 October 2012
Speech Code at Pitzer

- Sebastian Aguiar and Jon Rice are proposing new free speech-related language for three Pitzer policies at the next College Council meeting, including:
+ changing the posting policy from allowing the Office of Student Affairs to take down “offensive” posters to simply reminding posters to be in good taste
+ changing the internet usage policy from not allowing “offensive” uses to only preventing unlawful activities
+ adding a line to the bias related incident policy to reflect the possibility that some bias related incidents may consistent of legally protected speech

- FIRE advised on language changes



16 October 2012

Speech Code at Pitzer
- Work continues on free-speech related changes to Pitzer’s speech code
- Waiting to hear back from FIRE on some potential changes to the proposed language
- Student Senate at Pitzer has been informed of the potential changes
- Changes will be brought forward at the next College Council meeting

New Free Speech Book
- Greg Lukianoff, President of FIRE, has released a new book Unlearning Liberty Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate


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10-2 Meeting Recap

I. Introductions

II. Ideas for Events and Campaigns for the Semester:

· Voter ID Laws – documentary showing or speaker timed with the election?

· Technology Panel – will discuss at next meeting when Jon is present.

· Pitzer Speech and Alcohol Policy

o Currently policy is ambiguous with the Pitzer Administration determining, often after the fact, what is permissible and what is not.

o Administration is open to discussion. Will continue to work on the issue

o Working to move Pitzer towards having a “green light” speech code rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Action Items:
Helenka – Look into documentaries on Voter ID Laws. Contact ACLU-SC for speaker ideas in area. Follow up with Sebastian on a Voter ID law speaker that the Monroe Center brought last year.

Sebastian and Aidan – Will continue to work on Pitzer Speech and Alcohol Policy and keep club updated.

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